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A blog about managing and improving customer experience and improving profits.

Business In a Post-COVID-19 World
A change consultant's thoughts on how management will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. How can your company leverage the threats and opportunities that arise?

Finding Increased Profits through Better Complaints Management
Customer complaints, when properly analyzed, indexed, and tracked, can be a source of market intelligence and a means of identifying process improvement needs. By identifying problems which are driving customers away, and developing a system for addressing the root causes of the complaints, the complaints management process can contribute to incremental profits. Originally posted October 16, 2016

Customer Relationship Management Not Just for Big Business
Whether your company is large or small, starting a CRM is easier than you think and more important than you ever dreamed. Originally published November 10, 2016

Locking customers in is usually a bad idea. That's what Comcast found out when a departing customer recorded his call.